About BAM.

BAM. Digital was founded in 2017 with one very clear goal in mind...
To help SMEs and their owners to get to where they want to be through the implementation of digital marketing that delivers.
You see, marketing, done right, can have a profoundly positive affect on the success and profitability of your business. It can transform a company. It's the driving force for communicating with your target audience, getting new customers and growing.
Yet for so many businesses it isn't a priority or simply isn't done right (and that's very, very dangerous)!
We understand that, like life, running a business isn't simple. Things get in the way. Looking after customers, staff problems, the finances. Of course, naturally, some things don't get done. Often that's finding the time and resource to implement your marketing strategy.
But that's where we come in!
Here at BAM. we may only be a small team but what we lack in size we definitely make up for in knowledge and expertise. We have an expert team with a lot of experience and we know what works. And we also know what doesn't. We've worked with a lot of businesses across a lot of industries, from well-known multi-nationals to small, local businesses.
We deliver Done-For-You marketing services BUT...
...definitely NOT done without you!
You may be thinking 'what on earth does that mean?'. Well, it's quite simple really. To deliver effective marketing we need a clear understanding of your business, what it stands for, who your target market is and what your objectives are. Once we understand that, we can go away and do what's required to help you get new customers and help get you to where you want to go. We'll identify the 'how' and get it done for you so you don't have to worry about a thing. We'll also make sure that you're completely clear on what we're doing; how we're spending your budget, why we're doing what we're doing and, most importantly, what the results are.
What can you expect from working with us? 
Well, that depends on a few things really and what you want to achieve. You may come to us as you want to completely outsource your marketing, including the creation and implementation of an entire strategy, or you may simply come to us for assistance with an element of your marketing activity e.g. Social Media Advertising or Content creation. Of course, the level of support your require will influence our overall involvement BUT, regardless of what or how much we do for you, we always guarantee the following...

1. Affordability

2. More Awareness, More Quality Traffic & More Qualified Leads.

3. Low Risk

4. Transparency

5. A Personal Service

You can find out more about what we guarantee when you work with us by clicking the button below...

"Oli and his team are some of the most talented marketers I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Their ability to design and deliver highly focused marketing campaigns that drive businesses forward is incredible. Without their help we simply wouldn't be where we are today!"

Mike Thomas Marketing