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Deciding Between Hiring Staff And Outsourcing Your Marketing Can Be A Tricky Decision.

Updated: Jan 29, 2018

Here's 6 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Marketing (ASAP!)...

Marketing is an integral part of growing any business. There's no question that it needs to be done if you are to get more customers and get to where you want to be. How to execute your marketing strategy can be a something that requires a little more thought though. So, is it is it more beneficial to outsource your marketing activity (or part of it) or should you hire staff instead?

Like many things in life, the answer to whether you should outsource your marketing depends. It depends on what it is you're trying to achieve, what it is that needs doing and what your budgets are. Ultimately, however, the answer should depend on what is going to deliver the best return on your investment and help you best achieve your objectives.

So, what are the benefits?

1. The Cost.

There's absolutely no doubt that there are huge advantages to outsourcing your marketing. First and foremost; the cost. Hiring staff is expensive. Building a team is even more expensive. Before you know it you've got a huge expense to your business. A half -decent and inexperienced Marketing Graduate who's straight out of university will cost you in excess of £20,000 a year. Add an experienced Marketing Manager and a Graphic Designer to that and you've got yourself a team of three that will cost your business almost six-figures each year (and that still lacks any real depth)!

Of course, the cost of outsourcing your marketing can vary greatly. There's no doubt though that, with a little research, your business can find a Marketing Services provider which will require a much less significant investment than building a team (and potentially less than employing a single member of staff).

"For SMEs, building a team with such an array of knowledge an expertise is tough. It's expensive and takes time."

2. Expertise & Depth.

For the vast majority of businesses, successful marketing isn't quite as simple as sticking an ad in the Yellow Pages- it's not 1981! In most cases, for a marketing strategy to succeed and deliver what it's meant to, it needs to adopt a multi-channel approach. An approach which engages with customers across numerous channels and various devices throughout their buying journey. This may include email marketing, social media advertising and PPC, all amplified and underpinned by quality content and design. For SMEs, building a team with such an array of knowledge an expertise is tough. It's expensive and takes time. When you have a small marketing team, it can be tempting (and unfortunately the only option sometimes) to delegate certain tasks to individuals who have no knowledge of what they've been asked to do. Asking a Copywriter to design something or asking a new Marketing Assistant to create a Facebook Ad campaign- unfortunately this is a recipe for low-quality output.

Outsourcing your marketing can (and should) provide your business with access to people 1) with more experience and 2) with more expertise in specific areas. What's more, digital marketing experts invest time learning new skills and keeping up to speed in a rapidly involving industry so you can be sure that your business doesn't get left behind.

3. Lower Risk.

Reduced Costs + Less Long-Term Commitment = Lower Risk For Your Business

Outsourcing your marketing will require less of an investment than building a marketing team. Combine that with reduced commitment and difficulties which often come with hiring staff and you've just got yourself a marketing solution that is much less of a risk to your business. No more problems with staff who can't come in because they're sick or on annual leave or who are looking for new jobs on their lunch hour because they think the grass is greener somewhere else. And none of these problems means that you marketing doesn't suffer. Consistency is key to successful marketing- outsourcing means that you won't ever have to worry about this again!

"Outsourcing your marketing gives you time to focus on other things whether that be the finances, looking after your customers, overall strategy or the core of your business."

4. Focus, Focus, Focus.

Executing a digital marketing strategy in-house and managing a team to do that is time-consuming and requires a lot of attention. Outsourcing your marketing gives you time to focus on other things whether that be the finances, looking after your customers, overall strategy or the core of your business. Outsourcing also doesn't mean you to lose transparency or ever be in the dark however when it comes to your marketing- quite the opposite in fact. Your agency or provider of choice should work closely with your to understand your objectives and where you want to go but essentially look after the 'doing'. With regular updates, certain accesses, an agreed relationship and frequent communication however, you can maintain maximum transparency and understanding with the confidence that the right marketing is being implemented to ensure that you can grow.

5. Confidence.

You’re working with people who’ve been there and done it! People who have helped other businesses time and time again and who know what it takes to deliver a positive return on your investment. Simple.

6. Profitability (last but of course DEFINITELY NOT least).

As well as the savings and benefits of outsourcing your marketing outlined above (which of course all contribute to the bottom line), when you hire a digital marketing expert, you can rest assured that your investment will be used to execute the right marketing activity. Your provider's focus will most likely be on lead generation and a lot more focus is likely to be placed upon delivering results that drive sales and growth than would probably be placed on an individual within a team. Furthermore, any agency worth hiring will be continually looking to optimise results (it's in everyone's interests!). There's therefore less danger of stagnation or neglect and through collaboration and the right analysis and testing, you can rest (or work) assured that that you're marketing is helping to drive your business continually in the right direction!

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